Late Seth Radahkisanji Toshniwal
Late Sethani Laxmibai Toshniwa

Affiliated to Sant Gadge Baba Amravati University, Amravati (Recognized by Government of Maharashtra)

Department of YCMOU

The Y.C.M.O.U. Centre at our college was started in the year 1990. It was due to hard efforts made by the Principal of the college Late Shri. K. G. Gandhiji, Ex. Principal Shri. B. S. Chandakji.

In the beginning the centre was started with B.A. / B. Com course. The M.B.A. course was started in the year 1993-94. Dr. N. M. Shah the first coordinator of the M.B.A. Course Prof. S. R. Updahyay was first coordinator of B.A. / B.Com course again he ws first district coordinator of our Y.C.M.O.U centre for the year 1993 to 1998.

Later on due to certain reson the M.B.A. course was closed in the year 2001-02. Dr. S. G. Chapke the Principal of the college and Director of the centre made efforts with the help of our present management for starting the M.B.A. course.

The open education system is being accepted by large number of students. It seems that it may create a threat to the conventional system. This fact is quite evident from the number of students taking admission at our centre. This year in the Preparatory course 343students admitted. In B.A. / B. Com the number of student are 814 others courses is full capacity.

Y.C.M.O.U. District study centre, Akola is an ideal and unique distance learning centre in state of Maharashtra every year the students who wish to take education are responding to come for further education to our centre.

The study centre also provides the Diploma course in Journalism (D.J. & B.J.).Other courses conducted under this District centre are Diploma in Electrical Appliances, & Certificate course in Beauty Parlor. The minimum age required to appear for preparatory course is 18 years and having the minimum knowledge of English without any qualification to eligible for B.A. / B.Com. Courses. It's a good opportunity for those who would like to take higher education without attending the classes even though counselling is given to the student on every Sunday by the teachers. Study Centre has started providing Virtual Learning Class Room facility to the students. The YCMOU Akola district and study centre is effectively run under the dynamic guidance of Principal Dr. S.G. Chapke as its Director and under the coordinatorship of Prof. Dr. M. C. Dabre, Prof. Dr. D. V. Ingle and Prof. Dr. J. H. Lahoti.

SLRT College, Akola

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