Late Seth Radhakisanji Toshniwal
Late Sethani Laxmibai Toshniwa

Affiliated to Sant Gadge Baba Amravati University, Amravati (Recognized by Government of Maharashtra)

Department of Physical Educations

  • In Smt. LRT College of Commerce the Department of Physical Educations was established in the year 1964.
  • The development of any nation depends upon the youth and their power to think and their ability to do work. The youth is called the pillar of the Nation. Thus if the Nation is to progress. Then the physical and mental health of the youth is the most essential factor.
  • The amount of sacrifice and hardwork put in by the freedom fighters' for the freedom of India is known to each and every person of the country. The tremendous hard work done by the freedom fighters to bring glory to India and to sustain the freedom, glory and progress to the country rests with youth. But if the same youth is lazy addicted and aimlessly wondering lost its morality than the nation will again will be slave that is what and think. In colleges along with academies the students should also excel in games and sports. With the development of physical capacity their mental and physical development can be activated such ideas should be made known or given to students, students should be aware of such ideas. With this view the university sports competitions. The affiliated colleges do participate in them. Likewise the university has compelled all the colleges enrolled in at least 3 Games competition.
  • Every year SMT. LRT College of Commerce participate in 12 to 15 Games like
    1. Kabbaddi
    2. Koko
    3. Cricket
    4. Football
    5. Badminton
    6. Table Tennis
    7. Athletics
    8. Volleyball
    9. Hockey
    10. Tennis
    11. Handball
    12. Chess
  • Amravati university selects team of best players in each games from various colleges and honours them by certificates and colour coat this certificates and colour coats are important for N.I.S and at the time of selection in police Department, etc. that is why the students strive hard to get selected in university team.
  • Since 1985 the Department of physical education's students have been honoured with colour coats for which the Department will be proud of.
  • The students the colleges not only represent Intercollege all University level and state level but they represent at National level also from time to time through notice.

SLRT College, Akola

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