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"Towards Excellence In Commerce Education"
Reaccredited & Awarded "A" Grade by NAAC, Bangalore.
Affiliated to Sant Gadge Baba Amravati University, Amravati (Recognized by Government of Maharashtra)
Dept. of Management Studies and Research


Management Progamme => M. I. R. P. M.

M.H.R.D. (Master of Industrial Relations & Personnel Management)
This is a two year(4 semesters) postgraduate course leading to the degree of Master of Industrial Relations & Personnel Management. The Govt. of Maharashtra recognizes the course for appointment of labour welfare officersd under Indian factories act. The students and the managerial staff of corporate world, industry, and service sector also get benefit from this course as the course curriculum is designed in such a way as to fulfill the need of the knowledge required in these areas. Human Resource Management is the key area covered in the course curriculum.


An Applicant for admission to the M.H.R.D. Semester-I Examination shall have passed the Bachelor's Degree of S.G.B. Amravati University or any other Statutory University, recognized by Sant Gadge Baba Amravati University. Eligibility for admission to consequent Semesters of M.H.R.D. is as under.
For Admission To
M.H.R.D. Semester-II Appeared for M.H.R.D. Semester-I Examination
M.H.R.D. Semester-III Appeared for M.H.R.D. Semester-II Examination (Cleared all papers of M.H.R.D. Semester-I)
M.H.R.D. Semester-IV Appeared for M.H.R.D. Semester-III Examination (Cleared all papers of M.H.R.D. Semester-II)
Course Curriculum:

M.H.R.D. Semester-l
101 - Principles and Practice of Management
102 - Organizational Behaviour
103 - Managerial Skill Development
104 - Managerial Economics
105 - Business Ethics
106 - Quantitative Techniques
107 - Industrial Visit Short Tour
(Internal Assessment Paper)

M.H.R.D. Semester-II
201 - Management of Training and Development
202 - Industrial Psychology and Sociology
203 - Strategic Human Resource Management
204 - Computer Applications in Human Resource Management - I
205 - Business Legislations
206 - Research Methodology
207 -Industrial Visit Long Tour
(Internal Assessment Paper)

M.H.R.D. Semester - III
301 - Functional Areas in Management - I
302 - Labour Legislations
303 - International Human Resource Management
304 - Knowledge Management
305 - Management of Industrial Relations)
306 - Computer Applications in Human Resource Management - II
307 - Project

M.H.R.D. Semester-IV
401 - Dynamics of Human Resource Development
402 - Wage and Salary Administration
403 - Employees Empowerment
404 - Functional Areas in Management - II
405 - Corporate Planning & Strategy
406 - Human Resource Accounting and Audit
407 - Project

Objective : The objective of this course is to provide an understanding to the field work and practical proficiency the students should acquire.
The assessment of paper MHRD-307 & 407 Project shall be done
  1. on the basis of Project report submitted at the end of IVthSemester and go through the viva-voce.
  2. The Project report will carry 60 marks and viva-voce will carry 40 marks.
  3. Two copies of Project reports (printed or type written) shall be submitted to the University through the supervisor of the candidate and the Principal/Head of Institution/Department atleast a fortnight prior to the date of commencement of the written examination.
  4. A candidate shall submit with his Project report a certificate from the supervisor and Principal to the effect :-
    1. That the candidate has satisfactorily conducted research for not less than one academic year (i.eIIIrd&IVth Semester).
    2. That the Project report is the result of the candidates own work and is of sufficiently good standard to warrant its presentation for examination.
    3. Project report shall be prepared by the candidates individually under the supervision of a teacher. A separate committee at the college level of teachers may be constituted as and its member will frame a scheme of analyzing the topic of Projects and supervision in the beginning of Semester-IIIrd and the Project report shall be submitted by the candidate at the end of the Semester-IV in the college. The Project report shall be assessed by Internal/Supervisor and External examiners in the college itself alongwith viva-voce on the project. The candidate must obtain minimum 24 marks in the project report, 16 marks in viva-voce & 50 marks taken together for passing in the project report.