The Berar General Education Society’s
"Towards Excellence In Commerce Education"
Reaccredited & Awarded "A" Grade by NAAC, Bangalore.
Affiliated to Sant Gadge Baba Amravati University, Amravati (Recognized by Government of Maharashtra)
The Goals And Objectives Of The Institution
  1. To improve the quality of commerce education through sustained efforts towards attaining excellence;
  2. To develop a human person with desirable abilities, proficiencies, attitudes, values and qualities of self-confidence and creativity;
  3. To develop culturally conscious individuals with pride in the country and the desire to contribute to its development as good citizens of the country;
  4. To kindle a desire for preserving and promoting democracy, secularism, equality, social justice and ethics;
  5. To make students competent enough to be self-reliant;
  6. To develop sound physical health and fitness for undertaking physical activities demanding dexterity, diligence and hard work;
  7. To assist the students in acquiring the ability of problem-solving, decision making and of facing the unforeseen situations;
  8. To promote a sense of self respect and dignity among the weaker sections of society;
  9. To build up financial self-sufficiency by undertaking academic and allied programmes and resource generating services;
  10. To achieve high learning standards for preparing a sound educational base for pursuing higher education; And
  11. To become a component of Indian Educational Service Group having a competitive edge to confront the challenges of higher education.